Health Metric Alkaline water filter (1)

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The Health Metric Alkaline Water Pitcher replacement filter / cartridge for crisp, refreshing, alkaline water. Also compatible with Invigorated Living pitchers (see shape and size for comparison).

2x the lifetime of regular alkaline filters on the market.

When choosing an alkaline pitcher or a new filter, it's the components inside that matter most. We spent months testing every kind of cartridge we could get our hands on

We put that mix into a standard alkaline filter size so you could even use it without buying a new pitcher if the sizes match.

You can also order the full set (pitcher+filter) from here:

Experience fuller flavor for better coffee and tea. Healthier water for tastier food when cooking. And most importantly, add health benefits for the entire family!

Depending on your water quality the lifetime of filter is 400-600L = recommended change every 2-3 months.

Good to know facts:

Highest quality carbon from Japan7 – STAGE Premium Cartridge – consists of carbon, ion exchange resin, tourmaline, mineral balls for trace minerals, removal of bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals.HIGH NEGATIVE ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential is a measurement to oxidize contaminants) – increase energy levels & immune system.The cartridge REMOVES chlorine, odours, heavy metals, free radicals, toxins with powerful antioxidants.ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – BPA free & food grade AS & ABS, CERTIFIED by SGS, NSF.Includes 1 long-life filter saving money & the planet by eliminating over 4000 plastic bottles
Stop wasting water bottles and start adding Alkaline Benefits to your drinking water today!

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